The Hidden Jewel: Future Classic Oil Filter Cap for the S63 Engine

Is there honestly a way to make an oil change on the underside of an S63-equipped BMW not messy? Despite tedious effort to trickle every last drop of oil out first, removing the oil filter cap has always been a filthy endeavor. Until now.

Yes we have yet another oil filter housing cap to introduce, this time for the venerable S63 and S63TU BMWs—the likes of the F10 and F90 M5, F1X M6 family, the X5M / X6M MSAVs, and mercifully, most N63 applications as well. While many companies have focused on the M2, M3, or M4 platforms exclusively, we felt it was necessary to add something fresh to the twin-turbo V8 catalog. And as you've come to expect from Future Classic, this cap is not just a pretty face.

Strong Genes

Holding these caps in hand, it’s immediately apparent that each of them echo our commitment to the smallest aesthetic details. Special CNC tools were specifically sourced to accomplish exactly that and, as a result, each cap is a marvel right out of the DMG Mori 5-Axis.

All four oil filter caps together. Our S65 variant is coming soon.

Similar to our other caps, the S63-variant also has minimalist, consistent laser work: on the top, the data you need to know (tool size and torque spec) and a small nod to Future Classic. On the side, the part number is cleverly hidden below the cap's belt line so that it disappears when the cap it fitted. Seeing all four cap models next to each other, the family ties are clear. Cumulatively, it leaves more time to admire the finely machined aesthetic that shines through your choice of four anodizing colors.

But the S63 cap has a unique feature, too. The center of each cap accommodates a 6mm drain plug that allows you to (much more cleanly) leverage gravity to drain your oil. To ensure that you can affordably and reliably replace that drain plug at every oil change interval, we've repurposed a factory part: the OEM E46 M3 (S54) 12x1.5 plug (07 11 9 904 550).

Is that even a problem?

Well, a messy garage or shop floor is never ideal, let alone when the mess gets all over you. We consulted the Internet to see if S63 owners stood to benefit from our cap's innovative feature.

Why Aluminum?

Because of aluminum’s propensity to handle and dissipate heat, it is an excellent material from which to build our oil filter housing caps. By getting your oil up to temperature quickly, but tangentially evacuating excess heat, the aluminum oil filter housing cap will help your fluid operate within its working range while effectively preventing thermal breakdown (at the threshold where your motor oil will degrade and lose viscocity). It is largely the reason why heat sensitive components, like your radiator, are constructed from the same material.

We are really excited to introduce this cap to the enthusiast market. It joins the G8X and F8X cap as another high-end option for the most discerning enthusiast.

Future Classic F1X (S63) Oil Filter Housing Cap

Product Details:

  • Compatible with S63-equipped BMW cars and most N63 models (replaces BMW 11427615389)
  • Plug and play replacement for OE plastic cap
  • CNC precision machined from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum
  • Improves heat dissipation and increases cap longevity
  • Built-in 6mm drain plug reduces mess during oil changes
  • Four anodizing options: Ferrari Red, Royal Blue, Hard Coat Clear, & Hard Coat Black
  • Proudly made in USA
  • Optional Add-On: Genuine BMW oil filter kit (11427848321)

Application List:

  • F10 M5
  • F90 M5
  • F06 M6 Gran Coupe
  • F12/3 M6
  • F85 X5M / F86 X6M
  • F95 X5M / F96 X6M
  • Most N63 engine applications