Second Time's a Charm: Our 997.1 GT3 Project Begins Anew

Front overhead view of black 997 GT3 on pavement

Something about this seems oddly familiar, doesn't it? Yes sadly the Guard Red 997.1 GT3 that we were so proud to welcome into our garage was officially declared totaled earlier this year—an abrupt end to a project that was only getting started. After insurance (and my incessant back spasms) settled, the search for a replacement began.

Almost immediately, I had dismissed any reasonable chance of finding another Guards Red 997—the one that was plucked away from me was 1 of 62—and the only 6,000 mile example was listed for a cool 200k (which was well outside my budget). Admittedly, a disheartening realization to think that I might never own my dream car again. It was a humbling reminder that so many things can be taken from you in an instant and relishing every experience was not just important, but essential. There's nothing more cathartic than a spirited romp in a car you've worked so hard to own.

Side profile view of black 997 GT3 on pavementInterior photo of 997 GT3 from passenger side viewClose of up carbon door sill on 997 GT3Overhead view of carbon fiber shift knob in 997 GT3 interior

As luck would have it, a friend of mine happened to have a 997.1 GT3 inbound; this specimen being a year newer, with less miles, and arguably more desirable equipment. One drive in it confirmed a much less "eventful" history—this GT3 quite clearly tackled toll rolls more than apexes—and drove like a much more taut example from the jump.

Although I would forever lament the loss of my Guards GT3 and its ultimate sacrifice to keep me safe, the first drive in the new car gave me hope to start fresh.

Rear three quarter view of black 997 GT3 on pavementFront three quarter photo of black 997 GT3 on pavement

The pursuit made me think back on the mythos of the "enthusiast car". An enthusiast car is, like most exceptional things, an emotional experience. Indeed, true enthusiast's cars evoke an interesting interplay—neither emotion nor engineering rarely exist without the other.

Close up of Future Classic club sticker on 997 GT3 windshieldAlways the first mod: Porsche club sticker 

Straight on view of Future Classic 20 Year GT3 decal on black 997 GT3 rear windowOur commemorative "20 Jahre" GT3 decal on the rear glass

Angle view of Future Classic Motor Club license plate frame on black 997 GT3Our limited Motor Club 002 license plate frame next to a lovely RSS exhaust

Both "ingredients" are crucial in defining a Future Classic, the combination of which the 997 GT3 has in spades. As my favorite Porsche commercial says:

"It's a funny thing about a Porsche. There's the moment you know you want one. There's the moment you first own one. And for the truly afflicted, there's the decade or two that passes in between."

Fittingly enough, the first mods came straight from our catalog and there's so much more in the queue. We are extremely fortunate to get another shot at building the 997 platform to our own exacting specification and hope you'll follow along with the progress!