A New Project Has Arrived: Porsche 997.1 GT3

Future Classic Guards Red 997.1 GT3 front angle view2007 GT3 in Guards Red - 1 of 62 examples in the US

Well, the time has come. After enjoying my 997.2 C2S for three years and learning so much about the Porsche world, GT3 ownership was more a matter of "when" rather than "what". As car enthusiasts often lament, I was “bitten by the bug” after buying my Carrera and a flawless ownership helped shed the fear that had deterred me from purchasing a Guards Red 1988 Carrera 3.2 a decade prior. In place of fear stood a ruthless pursuit of Porschephile knowledge and with it, a new goal: the GT3.

One of the first questions I got after bringing it home was: "how long have you been looking for one?" It's a tough question to answer—I think every enthusiast looks almost constantly for their dream car—it's just a matter of head versus heart until both simply agree. And with the seemingly never-ending premium for rarified driver's cars, I felt it was now or never. Perhaps the memory of that 3.2 Carrera ignited a sense of FOMO that couldn't be ignored.

Future Classic Guards Red 997.1 GT3 rear quarter angle view

Whatever the case may be, I'll always look back on my C2S with fond memories—it was my first Porsche and it provided a fantastic base onto which some of our first Porsche components were modeled. Having gotten into a "regular" Carrera first also made me appreciate the GT3's differences, especially as this example was adorned with full leather and red deviated stitching throughout.

Future Classic Guards Red 997.1 GT3 interior driver's side viewFuture Classic Guards Red 997.1 GT3 close up gear shiftLots of changes will come swiftly—it is set to make its formal debut at this year's Checkeditout show (which we have decided to sponsor) in only two weeks . All in all, we're pretty confident that this car is a keeper and we're excited to document the build every step of the way.