Meshing Worlds: Future Classic and Silverlake Projects Create Floorboards for the Water-Cooled Market

Build quality and enthusiasm for the Porsche marque have been synonymous with Future Classic and Silverlake Projects, but each brand had operated on either side of Porsche’s own spectrum — the air and water-cooled markets. Still, the automotive world is admittedly a very small place; it was only a matter of time before these two brands joined forces to create new products for the most discerning Stuttgart enthusiasts.

As its first collaborative foray, FC and Silverlake looked to reimagine an air-cooled staple — the classic motorsport aluminum floorboard set — but this time for the water-cooled market.

Driver's side floorboard shown above in both finishes

With Porsche’s searing industry presence at an all-time high, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for this collaboration.

“Attending events like Luft’s Air | Water confirmed that meshing Porsche’s two worlds, through strategic product and lifestyle collaborations, was crucial. Talks with Silverlake Projects have been on-going for almost a year to get all of the details right and I think both houses can be proud to put our name on these. The boards are beautiful and coordinate seamlessly with other Silverlake and Future Classic products.” - Mike, Future Classic

Each floorboard is constructed from 5052 aluminum, which boasts more corrosion resistance, superior material formability, and an inherently smoother finish than its 6061 counterpart. The boards are beautifully dimple die cut to reduce weight, increase stiffness, and provide a motorsport-inspired aesthetic that recalls Porsche's proud racing history.

Passenger floorboard shown above in both available finishes

At launch, each piece — the driver’s side, passenger side, and dead pedal — are available in either anodized black or anodized silver finishes and will fit most 986/7 and 996/7 left-hand drive models.

Dead pedal shown above in both available finishes

"Ultimately, we believe that making or creating something is about exploring potential — both in thought and manufacturing," continues Mike from Future Classic. "It's never been about just coming up with something new for the sake of regularity, but rather a sincere effort to solve a problem or fill a void. I think that working with Carlos from Silverlake Projects on this has been a fruitful exercise for us as we continue our own evolution to balance our BMW and Porsche offerings."

Indeed, Future Classic's lengthy transition to Pennsylvania has been characterized by a lot of reflection to explore who and what we want to be known for. This first collaboration with Silverlake Projects has put a firm stamp on that direction and it's exciting to do so on Porsche's own 75th anniversary year.