Making it Happen: E92 M3 GT4 Wheels Now Available

BBS E92 M3 GT4 Wheels - Future Classic x Slicer

You see it time and time again—a new chassis is introduced and enthusiasts and aftermarket companies jump at the chance to make it as extreme as possible—insane power, crazy fitment, widebody projects, and more. But once the dust settles, there's one mod approach that stands the test of time: OEM+.

Indeed, it's the ones that can show some restraint, a deep appreciation for detail, and a commitment to sustain a discerning level of quality that will set a build apart from the rest for years to come. This is where Future Classic and Slicer Paddock have made a name for themselves, and certainly a huge reason why we've chosen to craft a very unique wheel collaboration project together.

BMW E92 M3 GT4 18" Wheel Set - Made by BBS

The second wheel we've chosen to release within this program is a rather special one: the E92 M3 GT4 wheel. Despite its handsome looks, this wheel never got the notoriety it deserved because of a peculiar feature: the front 18x9.5+25 pair has an odd front center bore (77mm in fact), while the 18x10+40 rear carries BMW's conventional 72.56mm.

As a result, most people who have been eager to run this wheel opted to purchase four 18x10+40 wheels and space them accordingly. But it was important to us to offer this unique set to run as intended: 18x9.5+25 (front) and 18x10+40 (rear).

BBS E92 M3 GT4 Wheels by Future Classic x Slicer

We dove head first into this project and procured a single set of GT4 wheels. Their arrival did not disappoint—they were as beautiful as promised, the bright silver finish gleams and allows you to appreciate all of the wheels' fine details. After an approving nod, work began to craft a reducer ring out of aluminum for the GT4's front wheels.

Designing a ring with perfect tolerances was no easy feat, but with our experience building the world's highest quality wheel spacers, we were supremely confident that we could pull it off. Aside from reducing the GT4's 77mm hub bore down to 72.56, we also took it upon ourselves to ensure the wheel would also be able to accept a spacer. This added a level of complexity within the design, but it was an important consideration to suit a wide array of applications / fitment preferences.

Future Classic Aluminum Reducer Ring for BBS E92 M3 GT4 Wheel

The finished product is simply a work of art. Made out of the same aircraft-grade aluminum we use to build our wheel spacers, each ring is silver anodized to coordinate perfectly with the GT4 wheel and safeguard against any corrosion.

Future Classic aluminum reducer ring pre-installed

As a courtesy to prospective clients, we take the liberty of pre-installing a reducer ring into each 9.5 wheel for a true plug and play solution. To show you just how tight our tolerances are, each finished reducer ring is placed in the freezer for hours and professionally installed with green (wicking grade) Loctite. Once seated, the reducer ring will return to room temperature and expand to lock within the hub. Check out the video below to check out the installation procedure:

We are incredibly excited to say that the remaining BBS stock is available exclusively on Future Classic in collaboration with Slicer. As a wheel manufactured by BBS and sanctioned by BMW's racing program, you're guaranteed a wheel that you can trust at the limit where driver confidence is everything. These highly coveted wheels can also be optioned with our ever-popular Future Classic wheel spacers to further dial in your desired fitment.

E92 M3 GT4 on Track

For specific fitment advice, please contact either Future Classic or Slicer Paddock directly—it's become a cornerstone of our collective business to consider your car's alignment, suspension, brakes, and desire tire sizing to ensure a seamless install and aesthetic.

Our next wheel release is just on the horizon and will not only be another great track / dual duty option for BMW enthusiasts, but one that will exhibit our collective desire for tailoring bespoke solutions well beyond wheels for our customers.

E9X M3 GT4 Product Details:

  • OE BMW E92 GT4 wheel from BMW Motorsport
  • Front: 18x9.5+25, 21.3 lbs (Requires Adapter)
  • Rear: 18x10+40, 21.5 lbs
  • Silver finish
  • Manufactured by BBS (Germany)
  • Front Reducer Rings Manufactured + Pre-Installed by Future Classic