Product Spotlight: Future Classic BMW Wheel Spacers

Every now and again it helps to revisit a product with more detail. Our BMW and Porsche wheel spacers have been on the market for a few months now and are quickly becoming the industry standard for street and racecars alike.

For those of you who may be on the fence or simply just like to delve into more technical discussion, we're here to breakdown some of the highlights behind our BMW-specific kit and why they're the very best choice for your car. From our product listing:

Future Classic’s quest was simple: to build the best wheel spacer kit at the highest quality standard possible. Partnering with Fall-Line Motorsports to build and test the prototypes in true motorsport conditions has made that dream a reality—the Future Classic wheel spacer is not only a visual treat but a marvel to handle—its machining and finishing work reflects our commitment to detail, every piece of it feels engineered and massaged to the tightest tolerances.

Future Classic BMW Wheel Spacer Kit - Box Contents Layout

Reason #1: A Comprehensive Approach

To create the most complete wheel spacer kit, Future Classic has painstakingly sourced a complimentary suite of products that are included in every box—four hub bolts, race worthy Copaslip copper anti-seize, an anti-seize applicator brush, and of course, wheel bolt hardware. The hub bolts help ensure you won’t experience the notorious spacer “wobble” from improper installation / uneven seating on the hub surface. Copaslip is the definitive motorsport anti-seize assembly compound. It is trusted by professional racing teams the world over for its incredible working temperature range (-40°C to 1100°C).

Reason #2: Engineered Design and Machining

The Future Classic wheel spacer is a far step beyond your conventional kit. Whereas most kits just look like a sliced section of cylindrical aluminum with some holes punched into it, the Future Classic variant has literally been engineered to perform. Premium 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum provides the foundation from which the spacer takes shape. Once complete, the spacer’s machine work is evident to even the untrained eye—flawless surface finishing, impossibly tight tolerances, and a balanced, symmetrical shape all become immediately apparent.

Future Classic BMW Wheel Spacer 10mm Pair Detail

Aside from the lug bolt holes, four hub bolt partitions exist to account for the different front and rear bolt positions. With careful calculation, additional pocketing has been machined from the spacer to shave unnecessary weight without strength loss penalty. Chamfered edges adorn the rear of the spacer surface as an extra precautionary measure in rare cases where removal proves finicky.

Future Classic BMW Wheel Spacer - Rear Details

Although an almost immeasurable detail, the real ace in the back pocket comes from a subtle, but substantial hubcentric reinforcement. Without this extra step, conventional spacers often shear from this hubcentric ring. In some cases, the ring becomes an inconvenient procedure to remove from the wheel. In others, spacer failure can cause the car’s occupants to sustain serious injury. Future Classic’s strengthening helps safeguard against these dire circumstances.

Each Future Classic spacer is now hard coat black anodized to perfection in order to ward off corrosion and wear resistance. Hard coat is a Type III rated finishing process that results in a 0.0005 to 0.0030” anodizing. The result is a harder, denser, and more abrasion resistant coating versus more standard practice methods (Type I - 0.0001” thick). The result is a spacer that will perform flawlessly and look the part over countless sessions, both on track and off. As a finishing touch, the spacer size and specification are legibly lasered onto the surface.

Reason #3: Motorsport Tested

As a direct benefit from working alongside Fall-Line Motorsport in engineering this kit, the spacers have been rigorously tested in true race conditions. The production pieces are the result of countless multi-year tests at a variety of tracks and driving conditions. Indeed, from all of the engineering work and testing, the Future Classic spacer is the lightest and strongest production unit on the market today. And in motorsport terms, adding as little rotational mass as possible is the name of the game.

Future Classic BMW wheel spacer installed on Fall-Line E92 M3 racecar for testing

Macht Schnell 15mm: 426g, Future Classic 15mm: 365g


Reason #4: Packaged to Perfection

Echoing Future Classic’s racing enthusiasm and the spacers’ motorsport ties, each kit is fashioned with FC’s gorgeous “livery box”. The Porsche variant wears the infamous “Pink Pig” garb whereas the BMW box is adorned with the iconic Frank Stella 3.0 CSL art car print. As a reoccurring theme with FC products, the livery boxes give customers a little racing backstory to the designs, a detail that breathes Future Classic through and through.

Future Classic spacer livery box with backstory

While other spacers often arrive in disrepair—spacers banging into bolts (causing dents or ruined bolt threads), bolts strewn wildly in the box, or otherwise, the Future Classic box has been constructed with safe delivery in mind. Taking inspiration from the Nest Thermostat packaging, the FC box employs a “two tier” method. Underneath the tabbed box divider, the hardware layer provides a sturdy foundation whereas above it, each spacer is individually wrapped in protective cohesive foam. This specialty foam only adheres to itself, guaranteeing that once you unwrap them, the spacers are ready to install unscathed. No adhesive residue. No fuss.

Weight Comparison vs. Competition:

H&R 5mm: No Data
Macht Schnell 5mm: No Data
Turner 5mm: No Data
FC 5mm: 0.24lbs (108.9g)
H&R 10mm: 0.88lbs (399.16g)
Macht Schnell 10mm: 0.63lbs (285.76g)
Turner 10mm: 0.59lbs (267.62g)
FC 10mm: 0.54lbs (244.94g)
H&R 12mm: No Data
Macht Schnell 12mm: 0.75lbs (340.19g)
Turner 12mm: 0.72lbs (326.59g)
FC 12mm: 0.65lbs (294.84g)
H&R 15mm: No Data
Macht Schnell 15mm: 0.94lbs (426.38g)
Turner 15mm: No Data
FC 15mm: 0.80lbs (362.87g)
H&R 18mm: No Data
Macht Schnell 18mm: 1.12lbs (508.02g)
Turner 18mm: No Data
FC 18mm: 0.96lbs (435.45g)


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