FIRST LOOK: Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan

Sometimes you have to save the best for last. Fall-Line's entry into the BMW DCT oil pan race is late, but from our exclusive first look, it has already caused quite a stir amongst the most demanding BMW owners: the first ten pre-order units were sold out in just 48 hours.

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan - Installed underneath angle view on E92 M3

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan - Installed on new E92 M3 build


Future Classic and Fall-Line first discussed the idea of improving the DCT oil pan over eight months ago having examined a handful of Fall-Line built race machines with other aftermarket pans, as well as street cars that had come in with leaky OEM units.

Some important design considerations had to be made in order to solve the glaring issues we found. On race cars, many of the aftermarket options on the market boast a generous fluid capacity increase, but at the expense of valuable ground clearance. Upon closer examination, many of the cooling fins were badly damaged from contact with track curbing—the pan was clearly the lowest point on the car.

Deep gouging and scrapping on competitor's DCT oil pan from race use

The Competition: Extensive damage on cooling fins from inferior ground clearance

In addition to this, most of the current DCT pans did not include additional provisions to connect an external cooler—a design consideration bred from years of motorsport / championship experience wherein a DCT limp mode issue due to heat was simply unacceptable.

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan - External cooler AN fittings view from underneath E92 M3

Beautiful AN fittings for external cooler provisions (contact us for custom street or track cooler solutions)

In sharp contrast, Fall-Line's DCT pan is angled to preserve favorable clearance. Looking at the car from the side, the Fall-Line pan is perfectly parallel to the ground beneath it and neatly stowed, despite also boasting a fluid capacity increase and enlarged cooling fins to draw away hot air.

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan side view to show angle cut and parallel relationship to ground

The more intricate details can be revealed when you see the OEM plastic oil pan next to the Fall-Line unit (yes, I said plastic). Indeed aside from an inferior construction material, the OEM pan makes use of a gasket that is prone to fail over time. Unfortunately, once your gasket inevitably starts to seep, BMW requires that you purchase the pan and gasket as a unit, which is unnecessarily expensive and will happen repeatedly throughout your ownership.

 Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan vs BMW OEM Plastic PanFall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan vs BMW OEM Plastic PanFall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan vs BMW OEM Plastic Pan - close up of gasket area vs Viton o-ringFall-Line built-in channel for Viton O-Ring versus OEM BMW gasket

Fall-Line's solution is the best we've seen, foregoing both a gasket and sealant use for a custom-made Viton O-Ring. Viton O-Rings, due to their exceptional resistance to temperature extremes (-20°F to 400°F operating temp) and low gas permeability, have incredible aging characteristics and therefore eliminate the need for regular replacement.

Just like the rest of Future Classic and Fall-Line components, this pan is made from aircraft grade aluminum and expertly machined on a 5-axis DMG Mori machine. The final production units will be hard coat black anodized, but we chose to show the Fall-Line test unit as it comes right off the machine. No machining flaws to hide and beautiful to behold.

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan internal baffling and machine work

Internal baffling (to prevent fluid starvation), OEM BMW magnet location, and machine work

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan external ports

Close-up of external cooler fitting provisions

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan cooling fins

Close-up of extended cooling fins

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan drain plug

OEM drain plug close-up

All of these incredible details add up to a DCT oil pan that will unanimously outperform both OEM and aftermarket options bar none. For that performance, you'd probably expect a price tag to match, but we are proud to announce that this game changing upgrade will be $899 USD. Quite literally the equivalent of two OEM plastic pan replacements, yet an infinitely better package for a wide variety of DCT-equipped BMW vehicles. It's time to upgrade.

Product Details:

  • Compatible with all DCT BMW cars (full application list below)
  • 5-Axis DMG Mori CNC machined 6061-T6
  • Internally baffled to relieve oil starvation + increased capacity
  • Viton O-Ring eliminates OEM gasket and regular replacement intervals
  • Re-uses OEM magnet
  • Hard coat black anodized for wear / corrosion resistance
  • Provisions to run external oil cooler for motorsport use
  • Made in USA 

Application List:

  • 1-Series (E88, E82)
  • E9X 335i, 335is, M3
  • F8X M2 / M3 / M4 / M4 GT4
  • F10 M5
  • F06 / F12 / F13 M6
  • Z4 (E89)