A Defining Moment: Checkeditout 2021

Rear view of Porsche 911R driving into Checkeditout Chicago 2021

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There’s absolutely no question about it—the last year and a half will be forever marked by COVID-19. Its been a disease that has stricken, tested, and divided our world in so many ways, the likes of which are not completely settled today. As an uncertain Autumn approaches our fair city of Chicago, there was one last taste of summer that we very much needed to indulge: Checkeditout 2021.

A call-out to COVID isn't the tone that I necessarily wanted to start the story with, but it's an important contextual foundation onto which Checkeditout sets such a high standard. After last year's magical, suburban pivot otherwise known as the Checkeditout Field Trip, CIO was able to make its venerable return to the familiar downtown Chicago landscape where it rightfully belonged.

For us, the event started the night before. After making some last minute upgrades to our newly acquired 997 GT3, we made the trek downtown—negotiating some of Chicago's infamous rush hour traffic in the process. Time spent in the car made me innately aware of two things: one, the suspension upgrades we made the night before were immensely impactful and two, the 4-speaker base audio in the GT3 was, by all accounts, an aural travesty. As traffic opened up, a quick push of the sport button erased all concern for the latter and we were soon outside the doors of the Revel building where we'd park for the evening.

Front view of Black Porsche 964 parked inside the Revel event space in ChicagoSide view of white Porsche 964 Carrera Cup parked inside the Revel event space in ChicagoSide view of red Porsche 911 G-Body parked inside the Revel event space in Chicago

To my surprise, it wasn't just a small interior space where a handful of cars would be displayed. Instead, I was slowly guided down ramps and corridors by Checkeditout staff—each room greeting my gaze with more and more Porsches. As my car inched down into the main exhibition room, my eyes adjusted to the intimate lighting and I reversed my car into its resting space for the night.

Rear angle view of Future Classic 997 GT3 surrounded by Porsches inside Revel event space in ChicagoFuture Classic Custom Monroney Sticker - 997 GT3
Our custom Porsche monroney sticker on display with our new 997 GT3 project

Front view of 991 Carrera and 997 GT3 for Checkeditout Chicago 2021Coincidentally parked next to another Future Classic club member (Daniel) and his 991.2 Cabrio GTS

Stepping out of my car for the first time, I couldn't help but smile. It already looked like an excerpt from Porsche's own museum tour—a peppering of the marque's masterful creations—all visible from one vantage point.

Rear view of Mark White from Accumoto's Porsche 911 nicknamed PepeSide view of Peridot 981 Boxster Spyder at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Rear view of a trio of 997 and 964 Porsches parked inside the Checkeditout event space991 Cabriolet reversing into its spot inside the Checkeditout event spaceMore cars continued to arrive throughout the evening; good company was complimented by sonorous flat 6 noises

That moment made me think back a few years to the inaugural Checkeditout event. I was, truthfully, hyper focused on the fact that it was called a “convergence”. At first read, I qualified it as an attempt to elevate the gathering above a more commonplace “meet”—but soon after arriving, I was immediately made aware that the word was chosen carefully.

You see, while literally every other large Porsche gathering make deliberate effort of parking vehicles by chassis type, Checkeditout takes immense pride in mixing up the field. In any direction, your eyes are treated to the finest variety pack of Porsche’s creations; there’s no vaulted distinction between air-cooled or water-cooled, zero bonus points are dished for concours condition or GT badging. No, when you entered the proverbial doors of Checkeditout we converge as one to create a new whole—indeed, exactly as the term intended.

Side view of 4FR Porsche 911 inside and outside the Revel event space in Chicago

It was that welcoming air that compelled Future Classic to not only attend this year, but to get involved as an event sponsor. As these cars continue their rise into rarified air, events like these become unique opportunities for people to appreciate and enjoy these machines in close proximity. There's an intangible "something" to these cars that should be cherished, especially as the precious nectar that powers them dwindles in supply.


The Main Event

The Fulton Market district was abuzz with Porsches, the same sweet noises I recalled from the night before, but amplified to eleven as hundreds of cars announced their arrival. It was a subconsciously fitting tribute to Karsten that echoed through the buildings and poured onto the city blocks that we so exactingly occupied.

Although in some cases over sixty years separated models, there was an artful continuity strewn between them all. I've always respected Porsche for taking an evolutionary approach to their design aesthetic rather than a revolutionary one.

Porsche roll-in at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Side photo of an Orange 911 Targa parked in downtown Chicago for Checkeditout 2021Front photo of Irish Green 911 Outlaw arriving at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Rear photo of Porsche 356 with owner arriving at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Front shot of Miami Blue 991 Targa arriving at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Overhead angle photo of a Yellow RWB Porsche at Checkeditout Chicago 2021A sea of Porsches parked in downtown Chicago for Checkeditout 2021

Westmont Porsche, Porsche Downtown Chicago, and Autobahn Country Club were amongst the biggest sponsors this year and they were kind enough to bring an incredibly special array of cars to the show—the likes of which included the Fall-Line Motorsports Porsche Daytona prototype and the all-new 992 GT3.

Side photo of the Fall-Line Motorsports Porsche Daytona Prototype race car - courtesy of Autobahn Country ClubFront photo of the all new Porsche 992 GT3 at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Rear shot of the Porsche 992 Turbo S at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Side shot of Porsche's new Taycan Gran Turismo at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Porsche's newest entry into the EV world: the Taycan Sport Turismo

I could wax poetic about the cars all day, but Checkeditout has evolved into something more than a car gathering; as a non-profit, CIO represents a unique opportunity to give back to the underserved communities in Chicago.

"This year we are supporting Second Bridge to support children in the foster care system by supplying items such as clothing, shoes, bedding, toys, gifts and school supplies. All the necessities to make kids feel loved and deserving while transitioning into a new home." 

Silent auction items at Checkeditout Chicago 2021 to benefit Second Bridge charitySilent auction items at Checkeditout Chicago 2021 to benefit Second Bridge charityArt on Auction: Automotive prints from renowned photographer Jeremy Cliff

In the grand scheme of things, over 250 of us came together as a Porsche tribe to celebrate a unique bond to a marque. But crucially, we brought so many more people together to do something even bigger, to do something special.

Porsches parked inside Revel event space in downtown Chicago for Checkeditout 2021Front photo of a Yellow Porsche 911 parked outside Revel event space in downtown ChicagoFront end photo of Marek's India Red 911 G-Body at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Front 3/4 shot of Tom's 991.2 Targa at Checkeditout Chicago 2021A sea of Porsches parked in downtown Chicago for Checkeditout 2021Beautiful Porsche 911 G-Body at Checkeditout Chicago 2021Front angle photo of the RoadsUnited white Porsche 964 on BBS LM wheelsSide shot of Kelly Moss Safari Porsche 911

There was something inherently triumphant in the air that day. The cars, the city of Chicago, and the wonderful people that continue to make CIO the event of year helped define this moment forever. While COVID-19 may have largely defined the last couple years, Checkeditout Chicago, on August 21st, 2021 won one back.

Thank you once again to the Checkeditout squad, the volunteers, fellow sponsors, and everyone who attended the event. So proud to share this Porsche Moment with you all.

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