VIDEO: The Interview - An E30 M3 Short Film (@slowprogress)

Hardship is something that affects all of us to varying degree. For many of us, these circumstances can reach a point where we have to sacrifice our passions just to scrape by—which is a heartbreaking thing because our passions often help us persevere through the struggle.

Our friend through the wide world of Instagram, John (@slowprogress) and his iconic E30 M3, were the subjects of a short film from Driven Motion, a film-making outfit dedicated to telling automotive-centric stories—this one in particular pivoting on that very edge of hardship and sacrifice.

The Interview Short Film by Driven Motion - E30 M3

The Interview: E30 M3 Short Film

Slow Progress (John Z) E30 M3

Future Classic Club Sticker - E30 M3 Slow Progress

I won't spoil the short for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I know that every time I watch it, it puts a big smile on my face—not only because the message of the film resonates so much with me, but it's such a treat to see how much John loves the absolute masterpiece of an E30 M3 that he's created.

I think it's easy to lose sight of the sheer joy that this strange car subculture brings amongst the struggles of day to day life. I've been guilty of letting life overshadow my passions too many times. But I will have to admit, after the days beat you up over and over again, turning your key to a familiar and symphonic rumble and letting your entire existence meld into one with machine...even just for a, nothing short of love can restore a spirit like that.

E30 M3 Slow Progress Short Film - The Interview

Big thanks go out to Driven Motion for making this film and for John representing Future Classic within it. Just like the film, this car community can lead you to some really incredible places—FC is proof of that. It's been a wild ride growing FC over the past year, but above all else, it's the worldwide Future Classic family we are all creating together that makes it the most special.