VIDEO: Putting our Roof Vinyl on an F90 M5


In the video: Future Classic M-Tri Color Roof Vinyl

I think continuity between generations is cool. In fact, aside from Porsche, BMW has (traditionally) done a great job of injecting a healthy dosage of heritage DNA into their new cars.

A few years back, the BMW M4 was being debuted at Pebble Beach. There, we got a generous glimpse into the M4's new proportions, its much more angular design language, its carbon roof...but wait, what was that tri-color stripe?

The tri-color stripe was even visible in some of the concept sketches...but for whatever reason, it never made its way into production. I'm a fan of these because, unlike the plethora of M badging on the new cars, this is a bit more subtle...the gentleman's way of adding an "M" touch.

Anyway, we shot a video with IND to show just how easy this is to install with our applicator kit (shameless plug).