VIDEO - 1 of 1 E90 M3: Spencer Berke x FC Fam

Spencer seems to be on that nationwide tour meeting up with all the craziest E9X M3 builds of late and we are thrilled he was able to meet up with one of the best from the East Coast, Mitch.

Cutting his teeth in the Honda world, Mitch was able to find this incredible 1 of 1 Neptune Blue E90 M3 a handful of years back and began to put his signature style on it. It's been through a few iterations since we met a couple years ago at MPact, but this newest version is probably one of my absolute favorites. Between the new BBS E05 wheels, S/C, wing, and rare aero parts (that Kohlenstoff front lip tho!) it's an incredible machine through and through. Couldn't be happier to see such a great guy own a car of this caliber.

Spencer Berke E90 M3 Feature: Neptune Blue Side Shot

Spencer Berke E90 M3 Feature: Neptune Blue with Mitch

Spencer Berke E90 M3 Feature: Neptune Blue Rear Shot

It's also worth noting that Mitch's club sticker used to live on the front windshield, but now resides on the rear quarter window—a tribute to the static cling material which allows you to relocate your club sticker without having to purchase a brand new one.

Neptune Blue E90 M3 MPact 2018 - Future Classic

Neptune Blue E90 M3 - Future Classic at MPact

Meeting Mitch at MPact 2018 - part of a photo set for IND

Huge thanks to Mitch for always representing FC between the club sticker and custom color matched license plate frame! So thrilled to see more Future Classic fam get the screen time they deserve. Spencer, keep doing your thing man!