Two Icons: Tiff Needell and the Porsche 911 GT1

Before the famous trio of Clarkson, May, and Hammond, there was only one name in the automotive entertainment game: Needell. I remember watching Tiff pilot some of the most coveted cars at sinister speeds and sliding big body saloons like the E39 M5 long before drifting was a commonplace act.

He continues to be an authority in the car review world because he has real race experience. As such, he is a fitting candidate to pilot this road-going version of the GT1. In race trim, the GT1 was one of the last Porsche models to win the legendary Le Mans 24 hour endurance championship—its dominance was short-lived due to regulation changes, but the aura of the car still reigns today.

"Some cars have racing inspired design. Some cars share components with racing cars. But this...this is simply a racing car." - Tiff Needell

On the LoveCars YouTube channel, Tiff treats us to the sights and sounds of the GT1 in a way that only Needell can deliver. Contending with damp roads, curious sheep, and of course the burden of the GT1's rarity (the road worthy car is one of only twenty examples), he still manages to put the car through its paces for our pleasure. As the car entertainment world moves increasingly toward entertainment, it's a refreshing pivot to see him bring us a few notches back towards the reason why we're all here in the first place—cars.