To a Legend: Niki Lauda (1949-2019)

There's not much that needs to be said about Niki Lauda—he is the exemplar of perseverance, commitment, and passion. Far beyond his own motorsport career and entrepreneurial adventures, he was able to touch the lives of modern racers and enthusiasts today. If there's one thing that we could add to the plethora of news this morning it's that a humbling reminder that we are all human and life is finite. But Niki has shown us that legacy and influence can be immortal.

It's hard to imagine that there will be another driver that could carry as much influence as his. Yes, he's won three incredible world championships in Formula 1, but arguably, his astonishingly quick comeback and long-standing influence on the sport stand shoulder to shoulder with those crowning achievements.

Our deepest sympathies to the Lauda friends, colleagues, and family. We can only imagine he's once again going flat out behind the wheel of his favorite cars beyond the ivory gates.

For a great summary of Lauda's career, visit the BBC Sport blog.