The Perfect Garage: IdealPark Car Lift System

IdealPark: Car Lift System


We've always been quite enamored with good design and, being avid car fanatics, we can appreciate when these two passions intersect. Indeed with everything we do, there is usually a balance between visual aesthetic and engineered performance—but what about when you add a third element into the mix—like architecture?

If there's one thing that creates the perfect trifecta amongst the aforementioned duo, it's architecture. So when we saw the latest incarnation from IdealPark, it was noteworthy news from the jump.

As a quick aside, I've been watching a lot of Grand Design episodes lately. Each project is often years in the making and although the houses are more often than not incredible feats of architecture, they are (more than 80% of the time) missing a garage of any sort. I could never really figure out why...was it because garages are inherently difficult to design within some of the houses' structures? Or is it that most view garages as a rather utilitarian bits rather than design opportunities?

IdealPark has made it their mission to look at garages in a new way: to integrate a functional and secure space that will seamlessly mesh with the world's most beautiful, modern pieces of architecture.

IdealPark Car Lift Sequence 

If I ever have the opportunity to build a dream house, this would have to be on the list. Though I wonder if they will end up making one that'd support a couple cars one day. Even still, you'd have to be dead inside if seeing your car rise up from an underground garage didn't give you goosebumps right before going for a drive.

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