The Beginning of Something Good: 911 Project (997.2)

Porsche 911 Project


Growing up, I never thought I'd be able to afford a 911. But after several years of being exposed to Porsche fever amongst friends, that bug (no pun intended) became harder and harder to ignore. Soon after, my BMW-laden garage soon found a stranger in its ranks—a 997.2 Carrera S. Black on black.

The 997 seemed to be a good place to start. To me, it's the darling of the water-cooled variants thus far, as well as one of the more affordable. The .2 variant in particular caught my eye—a subtle cosmetic evolution of form, but a thorough overall where it really mattered—the engine. Indeed the freedom from IMS worry and direct injection was the icing on the cake.

I honestly didn't expect to like the car right away. I didn't think it could possibly excite me right out of the gate like my modded BMWs, but I was wrong. It's been a real treat to get to know this car and drive it "right", but it is, by all accounts, better than I expected in stock form. I vowed to keep the car stock and simply enjoy it for awhile...but we all know how that goes. Ahem.

Soon after, the first round of mods (and a bit of maintenance) were en route. They were modest additions—OE clear corners, fresh fluids, headlight restoration and a meticulous detail and ceramic coating. Soon after, a set of wheels (vintage Racing Dynamics) and a Numeric SSK followed suit. A failing seat belt tensioner was the excuse I needed to also fit OEM red seatbelts to the cabin for a touch of color.

Check back often to see how this little project evolves—lots more to come in the next few months!

Mods to Date:

  • OEM clear corner set
  • Racing Dynamics wheel set (not pictured)
  • Numeric short shifter kit
  • OEM seatbelts (red)
  • Fabspeed "MaxFlo" mufflers + tip set
  • Fabspeed carbon competition intake
  • Future Classic license plate frame