Teaser: Novelli Ferrari 488 Lowering Spring Kit

Amongst the Italian car manufacturers, there is a certain charisma that exudes from Ferrari. I've always found it fitting that the marque is represented by a prancing horse—powerful and menacing, yet balanced and delicate.

The aftermarket space for such a figurehead in the enthusiast world is understandably an intimidating one, but as such, leaves plenty of opportunity for newcomers to make a definitive impression. Enter Novelli Competizione.

Bred from over two decades of motorsport and engineering experience with most notably BMW, Porsche, and Ferrari, Novelli has been able to dive into the intricacies of each platform. The results speak for themselves: Novelli's keen eye for detail has made him an icon in each of the three spaces, both in the professional racing realm and for street enthusiasts the world over.

Novelli Competizione - Ferrari 488 Lowering Spring Kit

The 488, as Ferrari's latest and greatest iteration, seemed a logical place to start a street car program. Novelli's experience in Ferrari Challenge makes him acutely aware of the 488's chassis characteristics and hence, how they'd be affected by any suspension changes. After months of deliberation, design, and manufacturing, the very first lowering spring set is here and it's incredible, offering up superb ride quality with a wide range of height adjustment, while providing a welcomed alternative to the current offerings available today.

We feel incredibly honored for the opportunity to both see this kit blossom from a great idea to an exceptional finished product. We will be amongst the first to offer this kit to a worldwide audience, so stay tuned for official pricing and details!