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Supercar Insanity: Remembering Jamiroquai's "Cosmic Girl"

To most, Jamiroquai's musical legacy boils down to a singular song: Virtual Insanity. But car enthusiasts the world over may in fact remember another blip from Jay Kay's discography—Cosmic Girl.

To be fair, the song itself is less important than the subject matter in the video—a generous helping of period supercars—arguably, still some of the greatest ever made. Indeed, the addition of the Ferrari F40 certainly has a lot to do with the video's panache, but we'd be happy to settle for a Diablo or F355 any day.

The video has been resurrected for some well-deserved low-res screen time in light of its anniversary—Jay Kay released Cosmic Girl twenty-four years ago to the day. Cheers to you, Jay Kay and hope that you're out there flogging a 90's supercar in tribute.