Spencer Berke Interviews DJ Dub! (E90 M3)

Spencer Berke is no stranger to the E9X platform. In fact, he's currently having his second go with the chassis, this time in coupe form, but I digress. He recently made the trek up to the Bay Area to do a feature video with FC Fam Wendell (aka @dj_dub on Instagram).

Wendell has sought out to make a perfect "triple duty" car: show, daily, and track. After making his latest rounds of mods, he feels like he's definitely achieved that lofty aim. But to be fair, there's hardly any area of the car that Wendell could still improve—it's been massaged and modified with an attention to detail that warrants appreciation and it makes me wish I lived in the Bay so we could, just even once, cruise E90's together.

Kudos to the build, Wendell! And awesome to see it get the screen time it deserves.