Six Generations of M5: BMW's Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The BMW M5: The company's official wolf in sheep's clothing is now onto its 6th generation (not counting the E12 M535i)—how fortunate are we to have experienced such incredible cars in such a short amount of time? Anyway, there wouldn't be a more appropriate host than Tiff Needell on Lovecars to take us through each fond iteration of BMW's super saloon.

BMW M5 Generations

I have quite a soft spot for the earliest M5s (the E28 and E34) as the purest of the bunch, but the punch that the more modern examples bring to the table simply cannot be ignored. Each generation seems to induce an ear to ear smile, but that sensation is achieved in very different ways for very different reasons. Truth be told, my frequent Craigslist searches still include a generic "BMW M5" query, mostly because I wouldn't be unhappy with any generation (and a wealthier version of me would probably have them all). I think that's quite a testament to just how right BMW has managed to get the M5.

Cross your fingers BMW continues an upward trend.