Shiny and New: Stocking OEM Equipment for BMW Models

Sometimes there's nothing better than the original. As special cars age, there exists a growing number of enthusiasts who want to bring these machines back to pristine, OEM (or OEM+) condition.

Techno Violet E36 M3 with worn kidney grilles and roundelTechno Violet E36 M3 with worn grilles and hood roundel

The E36 and E46 chassis are perfect examples of this and we have made these cars a priority in establishing our OEM equipment cosmetic collections. Over time, age takes its toll—years of road debris, rock chips, and sun exposure can leave worn OEM chrome versions looking faded and aftermarket, painted renditions chipped or equally battered. The E46's fender grille badging is especially prone to yellowing over time.

Techno Violet E36 M3 front end photo headlights on

Techno Violet E36 M3 with new OEM kidney grille set

Our approach is a sharp contrast to most aftermarket companies, but we believe that providing our clientele with a trusted source to purchase OEM equipment is crucial as our beloved machines age. Certainly if values are any indication, preservation and attention to detail (both in restoration and modification) are paramount to the enthusiast's eye.

Black BMW E46 M3 front angle photo with new OEM kidney grille set

Jet Black E46 M3 with new OEM kidney grille set and hood roundel

Interlagos Blue E46 M3 OEM chrome fender grille close up

Interlagos Blue E46 M3 with new OEM fender grille set

Jet Black E46 M3 rear angle low shot with OEM chrome trunk emblem

Jet Black E46 M3 with new OEM trunk emblem and trunk roundel

Over time, we will be expanding our OEM catalog to include more models from BMW and Porsche's archive. These are parts that, although small, make a world of difference in freshening up your car's exterior.