Second Skin: An M2 Competition Redux

In most cases, the Midwest gets the short end of the stick in the car world. Many of the large events are hosted at either end of the United States, leaving us in-betweeners having to make the hike or simply enjoy the media coverage by proxy from our humble abodes. But every once in awhile, there’s a good enough reason to entice enthusiasts from the East / West coasts to travel inward.

Autonuvo F87 M2 Competition custom bape wrap rear shot

We were introduced to this M2 Competition from AutoNuvo, a long-time supporter of Future Classic, and the shop who was responsible for the car’s first wrap—a Bape-inspired repeating pattern on one side and an ultra-stealth matte black on the other. We were tasked with creating a custom club sticker that would echo this duality while also paying tribute to the hard work by AutoNuvo.

Future Classic BMW club sticker - custom base theme

After recreating the Bape “livery” and getting the nod to produce it, we sent it off. We often wish that we could see our products installed on customer cars—coming across club stickers proudly displayed certainly induces some proud smiles from our team—it was our very first product and a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to truly customize their cling. As it were, he had big plans to send his M2C to IND Distribution for some work and it’d give us the opportunity to see the car first-hand.

IND worked their magic to install some new bits on the car: a Garrett Motion charge cooler and the Eventuri carbon intake were some notable additions that helped improve his M2C’s performance, but it was the carbon modifications to follow that required him to make a bigger choice.

Autonuvo F87 M2 Competition custom bape wrap front shot

Indeed, the Alpha N fenders / GTS hood and RKP roof would essentially delete the attention-grabbing wrap from large sections of the car. While a new wrap was conceived in theory, and the car relegated at IND, the reality of COVID-19 had halted any plan to apply it. Rather than leave the car in its state, he made the executive decision to remove the wrap entirely, exposing the car’s gleaming Hockenheim Silver paint for the first time in ages.

IND is the king of custom paint schemes, so the bare carbon GTS hood was treated to a helping of Hockenheim (albeit only on the outer confines), leaving the center channel exposed to lead the eye purposefully towards the RKP roof and rearward to the Vorsteiner wing.

Fittingly enough, the conditions for us to shoot the car were almost an exact opposite of the first—fog gave way to beams of sunlight, almost as if Mother Nature had also acknowledged the transformation. His original club sticker still remains as a nod to its inaugural form, but in due time a new cling will take its place—this time with tribute to IND’s handiwork and, perhaps, the new wrap scheme.

Future Classic F87 M2 Competition side shot