S65 Invasion - An Epic E9X Get Together in Florida

There's one thing that used to be true as cars age: more people would get to experience truly special machinery. Certainly, that trend largely still exists—most cars lose value over time, which allows an entirely different generation of people to own, what very well could have been, their childhood poster car.

But as we've seen in the past handful of years, there are some cars that buck that trend. The sad consequence of rising values occasionally means that these coveted cars see the light of day less and less in a desperate attempt to preserve value. But it must be said loud and clear: cars are meant to be enjoyed.

Aleko's E92 M3 rocking our FC team sticker and lightweight motorsport floor mount set

In this particular case, the get together could very well be considered a symphony—a collection of one of BMW's greatest hits—the S65. The gathering was the brainchild of Miguel from BMW Invasion and FC Fam Aleko from Aleko Photography, both well-known E9X faithfuls.

The latter was kind enough to share a gallery of photos from the meet and, in an instant, I wished we had an excuse to transport our own E90 M3 to Florida just to cruise alongside such a diverse assortment of M. Indeed, the mix of OEM+ builds to more exuberant expressions of the chassis makes me appreciate just how well the E9X is able to take on a variety of styles.

Huge thanks to Aleko for sharing his gift for photography and for always supporting / repping Future Classic—we're proud to have you in the worldwide family!