Race Wars: The Ultimate Showdown of Three Motorsport Titans

When you think of the ultimate supercar trio, chances are your brain immediately gravitates toward the Ferrari F40, Porsche 959, and the Jaguar XJ220. And that wouldn't necessarily be wrong—they are, undoubtedly, some of the most exciting production road cars ever made. But I'd argue that there's another group that would give that trio a good run for its money.

Indeed, the group I'm talking about is this: the McLaren F1, Merecedes CLK GTR, and the Porsche GT1. And although they too are very exciting production road cars, their entire existence as we know and love today was based on one thing: homologation. 

Regulations at the time stipulated that, at minimum, twenty-five cars had to be built for road use in order for a specific chassis to then become eligible for racing in the GT1 Championship. And that's what Porsche and Mercedes both did to eventually dethrone the mighty McLaren. Okay, this is certainly an oversimplification of what actually happened. The Carfection video tells the story quite well, so give it a watch and enjoy what is (to me) the ultimate supercar trio. They are literally as close as you could possibly get to a true racecar and it represents an amazing tale of engineering spirit.