Product Spotlight: Le Mans Technika Poster Trio

The 24 Hours of Le Mans has been held annually since 1923, making it the world's oldest enduro race and is, befittingly, one of the three coveted achievements that make up the Triple Crown of Motorsport.

Future Classic Le Mans Technika Poster Trio

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As such, it was a very big deal when BMW decided to dust off their workstations for a triumphant return. Indeed, the world of racing had evolved a great deal since BMW's last (and only) victory in 1999, but what a machine that was. The V12 LMR, as it was called, was an evolution of the LM car. While the BMW S70/3 V12 remained, the rest of the car and accompanying wizardry were penned from scratch. The resulting design made an immediate impression on the racetrack and off, making it an ideal canvas for Jenny Holzer to create her masterpiece.

The fifteenth car in the BMW Art Car series, the V12 LMR was adorned with Holzer's iconic style and curiosities—thought-provoking phrases that she believed to befit a racer's mind.

BMW's reign was short-lived, however, as the Munich-based outfit decided to catapult its efforts into Formula 1 the following year.

Future Classic Technika Poster - Protect Me From What I Want

As a tribute to both the Holzer art car and BMW's triumph, a limited edition print trio with some of Holzer's most famous quotes fill the frame, while complimentary stats and figures from the LMR provide an informative finishing touch. 

Here's to hoping BMW tops the Le Mans podium again with their M8 GTE car soon enough!

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