Product Spotlight: Future Classic Wheel Hanger Pins

Sometimes the smallest things make a big difference. For all of us who grew up with lug bolt equipped cars, it can be a pain to re-install wheels. It's one thing when we were all bolting up 16" and 17" wheels, but now that they have bloated to over 20" regularly, it's become quite a task to muscle those wheels onto the car.

With no studs to guide and align the wheel onto the hub, it can be a cumbersome task to line up the wheel while blindly trying to find a lug bolt to thread into place. The frustration effect is compounded when that 22" X5M wheel is threatening to fall off the hub while you're hunting for a lug bolt. But we, mercifully, have an easy fix for your DIY projects: our 2-piece wheel hanger pin set.

Future Classic wheel hanger pin set installed on F95 X5M straight on view

Installing lug bolts onto F95 X5M with Future Classic wheel hanger pins

Installing lug bolts onto F95 X5M with Future Classic wheel hanger pins

Future Classic's wheel hangers allow you to thread two guide pins into the hub to make re-installing wheels a breeze. Instead of hunting for alignment blindly, you can simply slide those heavy wheels over the pins and fasten those lug bolts at your own pace. Because modern wheels have gained so much weight as they've grown in diameter, we include two pins to help spread that weight more evenly while also making lug bolt alignment that much easier.

Future Classic wheel hanger pin product layout side view

Available in M12x1.5, M14x1.25, and M14x1.5 thread pitch

Future Classic wheel hanger pin set - M14x1.25 angle view

FC two-piece set spreads wheel weight across the pins during install

We have created a guide pin set for each of the most popular thread pitches: M12x1.5, M14x1.25, and M14x1.5. Each size features a ridged body to prevent the wheel from falling off the hub once it is seated. They're a perfect accessory set to every tool kit that you can keep for ages and a great add-on to our Future Classic wheel spacers.

Product Details:

  • Makes fitting lug bolt equipped wheels much easier 
  • Available for M12x1.5, M14x1.25, and M14x1.5 applications
  • Aluminum construction
  • Threaded end with ridged body to prevent wheel travel
  • Sold as a set of two

How to use the FC hanger pin set during wheel mounting:

Future Classic wWheel hanger pin DIY threading into 12 o'clock position

Step 1: Carefully hand thread one wheel hanger pin into a vacant lug bolt hole. We recommend choosing the nearest available to the 12 o' clock position.

Step 2: Thread the second wheel hanger pin into an adjacent lug bolt hole to the first pin.

Step 3: Install the wheel over the guide pins and onto the hub. With the wheel properly seated, carefully hand thread lug bolts into the three vacant partitions.

Step 4: Remove each wheel pin one by one and replace them sequentially with lug bolts. Once all available lug bolt partitions have been filled, tighten them accordingly, lower the vehicle to the ground, and torque to spec.