Product Spotlight: Fall-Line Motorsports E9X M3 Front Monoball Conversion

Fall-Line Motorsports E9X M3 Monoball Conversion V2 front and back

Never rest on your laurels. It’s a mantra that both Fall-Line Motorsports and Future Classic share quite often and that symbiosis has often led both of our companies to push our own (and collective) development further.

Case in point, the Fall-Line E9X front monoball conversion (or in more common terms, the FCAB) is easily one of the most popular and transformative mods available for the platform—and for good reason. The Fall-Line FCAB boasts the largest spherical bearing on the market which in turn has helped contribute to some of the sweetest, direct steering feel imagineable.

Future Classic E90 M3 on lift for Fall-Line monoball conversion

The Future Classic E90 M3 getting the FLM monoball conversion kit installed

Although the E9X platform is no slouch, in stock form, the car's weight and large factory rubber front control arm bearing contribute heavily to a less sporting, more dulled driver experience. The large rubber bushing, simply by virtue of size, is prone to substantial deflection under load which means that while the arm itself articulates, so too does the bushing inside the arm. This bushing deflection can create unwanted geometry changes, steering wobble under braking, and even hysteresis of the thrust arm.

Fall-Line Motorsports E9X M3 Monoball Conversion V2 side and angle view of product

Fall-Line Motorsports E9X M3 Front Monoball Conversion Close-Up

The Fall-Line FCAB, being precision-machined from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum allows the arm to move smoothly without interruption or variance through the suspension travel range. This makes the car feel much more poignant and eager to turn in; with the new piece fitted, you receive the type of precision you expect from an M car.

Fall-Line Motorsports E9X M3 Monoball Conversion - V1 vs V2

Left: Version 1 (Silver) vs Right: Version 2 (Hard Coat Anodized Clear)

The latest version, aptly named "V2", manages to make improvements to the original design, not only with a brand new finish, but also by shaving off valuable weight in the process. The raw aluminum is now hard coat anodized clear, giving off a gunmetal-like finish that is 7-8x stronger than traditional anodizing methods for ultimate corrosion resistance. The new V2 FCAB is 110g lighter than its predecessor thanks to clever lightening pockets—a result of accrued manufacturing and motorsport experience. Get yours here—now's the time to transform your E9X M3.

Product Details:

  • Monoball spherical bearing replaces rubber within OEM arm
  • Long-life, high-end FK bearing outperforms and outlasts OEM equivalent
  • Hard coat clear anodized finish for durability and wear resistance
  • Weight savings over Fall-Line's Ver 1 FCAB: 740g (V1) vs 630g (V2)
  • Sold as a pair
  • Proudly made in USA