Obsessed Garage Review: "BEST Wheel Spacers"

Obsessed Garage's slogan is "do average elsewhere" and believe me, absolutely nothing that they do breathes a whiff of mediocre. Indeed, obsession might be an understatement when it comes to describing their commitment to detail so it's been an absolute honor to be represented on his E92 M3, let alone be deemed the best wheel spacers in the game right now.

Future Classic BMW wheel spacers getting installed on E92 M3 by Obsessed Garage

It was our goal from the jump to become exactly that—throwing away the rule book and any expectations about wheel spacers and starting from scratch. To truly engineer a wheel spacer that would redefine the segment with an eye for detail that has become our own credo.

Future Classic BMW wheel spacers installed on Obsessed Garage E92 M3

Huge thanks to Obsessed Garage for giving us a shot and for the support of both IND Distribution and Autocouture as we continue to grow.