NEW: Nanolex Products Now Available at Future Classic

Our friends at Detailer's Domain are some of the most trusted auto care resources in the world, so when they invited us to try out some of the Nanolex line, we were more than happy to oblige. We've dabbled with a boatload of detailing products over the years (so our expectations were quite tempered), but trying out what has become our Nanolex Essentials Package had us floored.

Nanolex polish being poured onto an applicator pad

As a bit of backstory, Nanolex was founded in 2007 in Germany and has steadily grown its foothold worldwide. The name "Nanolex" makes reference to the science behind all of their product—the nanotech process crucially applies three different layers of protection to car surfaces. The full process creates a microscopic and hydrophobic three-layer film that is incredibly strong, durable and smooth.

Nanolex water beading on the hood of a BMW i8

Although other companies boast a full range of product similar to Nanolex, we're big fans of their scientific approach and German background—I think it speaks to their utmost commitment to crafting great product and those similar philosophies have helped spawn some of the most memorable cars from our two favorites monikers: BMW and Porsche.

Nanolex interior cleaner sitting on center armrest of BMW i8

Equally so, I respect how easy Nanolex products are to use. Detailing has come a long way in twenty years and it's directly because of companies like Nanolex that the bar keeps getting pushed forward. While Nanolex has been making waves across the pond in Europe for decades, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have access to product like this now. Huge thanks to Phil at Detailer's Domain for keeping us on the inside track and we're really excited to share the Nanolex line with the Future Classic family.

Nanolex Product Range

Be sure to check out the Nanolex lineup and unique FC bundle packs soon—it's a great time to tackle some detail projects in the garage.