My BMW M8 Does 189

The E31 8-Series is still on my short list of cars I need to own, even after all these years. I remember watching a video of an 850CSi with a coin standing on the engine and, around the same time, getting my first ride in an 8-series. So smooth, so refined.

I remember getting startled when the windows started to go up automatically at 93mph—it made me laugh affectionately that BMW went to such lengths to reduce aerodynamic drag, but it's a touch that only BMW could get away with because of their fanatical pursuit to infuse motorsport into their cars. (Images via BMWBlog)

E31 M8 Prototype - Front Angle

E31 M8 Prototype Interior

E31 M8 Prototype - Rear View

Despite this long-standing commitment, the E31 M8 was only a pipe dream, living as a prototype in BMW's skunkworks garage in Munich. Today, BMW released the car that we've been asking for all these years, albeit cloaked in the 2nd generation 8-series body and much more GT-like interior appointments.

2020 BMW M8 Competition - Front View

BMW M8 Competition Interior

2020 BMW M8 Competition - Rear View

To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the new 8-Series until I saw it in person. The outgoing 6er is a hard car to topple, especially in Gran Coupe form. The new 8 is still a far cry from how muscular the prototype car looked, but the production proportions make for a handsome and uncontroversial look—something I think BMW could benefit from right now across their model line.

The M8 sounds like an absolute MONSTER on paper, 616hp for the M8 Competition which will set you back a cool $146,000 ($155,550 for the convertible). 0-62 comes in 3.2 seconds, shorter than the time it takes to even type this sentence and on par with the likes of the McLaren 570S.

It might be some time before someone pens a song about the M8's top speed like the Eagle's did for the Maserati, but I suspect the "life is good" sentiments when you're behind the wheel will be rather similar.