M2CS - The Best of the Modern BMW Lineup?

It's the question that literally all of us are asking ourselves: is the M2CS worth the premium over the more accessible M2 Competition?

Carfection gets tossed a set of keys from the new CS to answer exactly that. They also give us an inside look at a car that we, let's be honest, may never have the pleasure of owning, let alone drive ourselves.


"I love that in this car, there's just a faithfulness to feel like you can chuck it around, even on slippery roads like this."


Of course "worth" is a rather subjective endeavor (much like the Future Classic designation) but we have to say that, at the very least, the CS certainly looks the part. The hood befits the muscular, bulldog stance of the M2's chassis while the Vans-inspired checkerboard roof is a playful and unique addition that I adore despite its documented flaws. Nevertheless, we're going to look back at this car after a decade and just love how bold it became in this, one of its final forms. Akin to the E46 M3 CSL, there is something to be said about a factory special that you can simply leave alone for a truly pure effect (although you probably won't be able to resist a tiny mod here or there).

Future Classic Club Sticker - M2CS StyleMany lucky M2CS owners have already started joining the Future Classic family with our bespoke CS style

But special is the key word here. I think many people equate that word with a sense of impracticality, a certain fatigue that comes from the effort required to properly pilot said machinery. And granted, yes the emotional reward does have merit. But a modern car achieves "special" in a very different manner—the M2CS is a dual personality machine—it's cumulative effect allows you to experience the very best of BMW on the track wringing its neck out, and the very best of BMW at pedestrian speeds as well. Come to think of it, that's the essence that probably compelled most of us to pursue M ownership in the first place.

So that's our verdict. The M2CS is the M-est M car in the current M lineup. So if that's not enough to make you want to park one of these in your garage, I'm not sure what is.