INSTALL GUIDE: Future Classic E9X M3 / E82 1M Reinforced Trailing Arm Set

How to install the Future Classic E9X M3 / E82 1M Reinforced Trailing Arms:

Step 1: Safely raise the vehicle onto an automotive lift. Use two 18mm wrenches to unbolt the factory trailing arm at both positions—near the rear brake rotor dust shield and near the subframe.

Step 2: Fully remove each bolt / nut combination. With the bolt nearest to the dust shield removed, the arm will swing freely.

Future Classic reinforced "boxed" trailing arm (left) vs OEM trailing arm (right)

Step 3: If you are installing the complementary trailing arm bearing set, use the factory BMW bearing press tool to extract the OEM bushings.

OEM trailing arm bushing (left) vs Future Classic spherical trailing arm bushing (right)

Step 4: Apply Copaslip copper anti-seize to each trailing arm bearing and then use the factory BMW tool to uniformly press each unit into place.

Step 5: Installing the Future Classic reinforced trailing arms is the reverse of removal. Note that there is a larger cutout on one end of the reinforcement—this is the inner section which provides adequate clearance under load. Please ensure your arms are in the proper orientation before installing.

Step 6: Finish the installation by torquing each trailing arm bolt to factory spec.