INSTALL GUIDE: Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan

Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT Oil Pan

How to install the Fall-Line Aluminum DCT Oil Pan:

Step 1: Safely raise the vehicle onto an automotive lift. Ensure the car sufficiently cools before proceeding with the installation.

Step 2: The factory oil pan resides underneath the indicated underfloor cover—there are nine 8mm screws and one 10mm plastic nut. Remove this piece and set aside. 

Step 3: The factory plastic oil pan should now be clearly visible. Loosen the 8mm Allen fill plug before the drain plug. Once adequately loosened, you can follow by slowly loosening the 10mm Allen drain plug until oil starts to pour out.

Step 4: While the oil is draining, remove the fourteen T30 transmission oil pan screws—break them free first by hand and then you may follow with a power tool to fully remove.

Step 5: There are two filters that we highly recommend changing during this procedure: the pressure filter (cylinder) and suction filter unit within the DCT oil pan itself. Both OEM replacements are readily available as an order add-on "Filter Replacement Kit". To gain access to the cylindrical filter, remove the E10 bolt that cradles the hard oil lines to the bracket and move them aside.

Step 6: Remove the circular retaining ring with needle-nose pliers. Subsequently grip the center of the filter cover with an adjustable wrench to remove. Pull the used cylindrical pressure filter out of its recess.

Step 7: Flush the lines to remove any lingering fluid from the system.

Step 8: Remove the yellow sucking jet pump extension by pulling straight down. Subsequently remove the suction filter unit.

Step 9: Install the new suction filter unit and the existing yellow sucking jet pump extension (reverse of removal).

Step 10: Similarly, install the new pressure filter behind the filter cover. Secure in place with the retaining ring (a replacement ring is included in our filter kit dropdown).

Step 11: Transfer the OEM magnet from the original plastic pan and onto the Fall-Line partition (same location as OE). NOTE: The OEM magnet screw is a T20 Torx while the Fall-Line screw is a T30 Torx. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. The OEM magnet may snap should you exceed 4Nm / 2.95 ft-lbs.

Step 12: Install the Fall-Line pan. Hand thread the fourteen T30 Torx transmission oil pan screws until contact with the screw heads is made. Screw down to torque (10±1 Nm) in BMW TIS specified sequence. Ensure the drain plug is properly torqued to 8Nm before proceeding to the next step.

Step 13: Fill the Fall-Line DCT oil pan with either BMW DCTF (83220440214) or an aftermarket equivalent (i.e. Motul DCTF) until fluid emerges from the fill plug. Once overflow persists, close the adjusting screw and begin diagnosis system procedure as noted in BMW TIS:

  1. Connect diagnosis system and start service functions (drive).
  2. Start engine (drive position N or P)
  3. Record transmission temperature using the diagnosis system
  4. (Drive position P)
  5. Permissible starting temperature ≤ 32°C
  6. Idle speed: maintain at approx. 2000rpm for 1 minute
  7. Open fluid adjusting screw
  8. Fill until fluid emerges or until transmission reaches 40°C
  9. Tighten adjusting screw 25±3 Nm

Step 14: Reinstall the underfloor cover over the Fall-Line DCT aluminum oil pan (if desired). The cover can be left fully removed (or modified) for more dedicated track cars.