Inside BMW Group Classic: E30 M3

Inside BMW Classic - E30 M3 sitting inside the BMW factory showroom

As avid Bimmer fans, we've long been intrigued by the mysteries that lay beyond the doors of the Munich factory. We can't help but "ooh" and "ahh" at some of the collectibles and oddities that reside in the factory's much coveted garage. Luckily for us, BMW Classic has decided to lift the proverbial cloak over some of the cars that live there and there is perhaps no better way to start this segment than with the iconic E30 M3.

Inside BMW Classic - Two Co Hosts standing over a Classic Mini before entering BMW's factory

As the video starts, the two co-hosts roll up in a classic Mini and greet us outside of BMW's doors. In true German fashion, they keep the intros short and sweet (literally about eight seconds), allowing us to make our way inside as soon as possible.

Inside BMW Classic - Cohosts walk through an aisle of memorable BMW vehicles

By the video title, I know we'll eventually see ourselves in front of a pristine E30 M3, but I have to admit to being rather distracted by all the other eye candy that we get mere glimpses of during the walk up.

Inside BMW Classic - Kristoff sitting and speaking to us in the driver's seat of the E30 M3

Once arrived, you can just see the childlike fascination that is smeared across both of their faces—although presumably these two have been privileged with the proximity of cars like this for years—the decades of boyhood idolizing still overtake adult reservation in moments like this.

Inside BMW Classic - E30 M3 driver's seat folded forward to reveal missing carpet

Through their inspection of the car, however, they realize that someone from their parts department had borrowed a section of this E30's carpet. Not for naught, this nab and grab is has good intentions at the core: BMW Classic is planning to continue supporting these cars for years to come and in doing so, need to reproduce parts that have long been discontinued. As the video foreshadows, this carpet section along with the E30 M3's boxed fenders are due to be part of BMW Classic's catalog quite soon.

The video definitely seems like it could've been an impromptu idea from the team—the E30 wasn't really able to leave the confines of the factory for driving scenes—but they made it up to us (sort of) with a montage of some great E30 M3 moments from yesteryear.

Hopefully we'll learn some great bits of BMW nerd-dom in the near future and it looks like they have plenty of subjects to choose from—we're eagerly looking forward to the next one.