I Got Five On It: Our 5mm Spacer Has Arrived

Future Classic - BMW 5x120 5mm Spacer Kit


After a couple months of prototyping and testing, we are proud to bring the BMW community our brand new 5mm spacer! Built to accommodate both M12x1.5 and M14x1.25 hardware cars, we've managed to infuse everything that has made our 10, 12, 15mm spacers incredibly special into this compact size.

Future Classic - BMW 5x120 5mm Spacer Details

As you've come to expect, four hub bolt partitions are incorporated into the spacer design. To acclimate the Future Classic 5mm to the BMW community, the Launch Edition of the 5mm spacer features machined hub bolt partitions—making it clearly distinguishable versus the lug bolt holes.

Future Classic BMW 5x120 5mm Spacer Details

Future Classic 5mm spacer showing how the hub bolt fits

Future Classic BMW Wheel Spacer Kit Contents


Adequately pocketing the 5mm spacer without loss to strength and structural rigidity was a challenge, but one that we wholeheartedly accepted (and achieved). Our 5mm is just as gorgeous to behold and handle as its larger siblings, but with a weight (0.24  lbs) and strength that goes unmatched across the segment. As you've come to expect, our comprehensive kit also comes with all the accessories that make your installation easier—race-ready Copaslip copper anti-seize, an anti-seize applicator brush, four hub bolts, and of course ten extended (and matching black) lug bolts.

If you've been waiting to dial in your wheel fitment, now is the time. The Future Classic 5mm variant is in stock and ready to purchase. We think Bimmerfest just might be the perfect excuse to join the Future Classic family, don't you?