Garage Goals: Robby's BMW M Collection

Ultimate M Garage - Floor View of BMWs on Lifts

My grandparents used to have this standalone shed behind their garage. It was small (maybe five feet wide at most), but as a kid, that was like walking into a castle. I vividly remember running up to it—its open doorway slowly widening as I got closer, unveiling the contents inside: my collection of cars.

Like the Ford Model T to toddlers, I was the proud owner of the Little Tikes "Cozy Coupe"—the familiar plastic car in the McDonald's color way. It was really the perfect first car: low-powered (courtesy of the Flintstone's drivetrain), short wheelbase, forgiving bodywork. Front-wheel drive could be forgiven seeing as the steering wheel functioned independently from the chassis.

I graduated soon after to a first generation, battery-powered red Corvette and a black, pedal-equipped Kawasaki trike—something reminiscent of Mr. Cruise's GPZ900R in Top Gun. After mastering the mechanics of both three and four-wheeled plastic machinery, I was gifted my first metal, luxury car with rubber tires and hub caps—a blue, battery-powered Mercedes 506 SEI—which was a sharp compliment to my grandparents' matching E30s and my father's euro E12 530. At last, my childhood garage was complete and filled the small shed perfectly. If it weren't for the colony of spiders that rented garage space from me, I'd have probably hung out there more, but I digress.

The long-winded intro culminates into a singular point: my car-centric childhood left enough impression on me that as an adult, I yearn for the equivalent. I imagine that this Oklahoma enthusiast had a similar experience to me, but certainly has the means to make it a reality.

Amidst a vast collection that includes more exotic fare like a 2020 Urus, 2019 600LT, 2018 Performante, 2015 Huracan, lay a generous helping of M Cars from E36 through F8X—modified to varying degrees, but all of which now exude their own personalities proudly and mark him as a discerning enthusiast, which to me is vastly more interesting than any exotic.

Ultimate Modern BMW M Garage - Top view from stairs looking down on lifts - M4 GTS

It has to go without saying that a BMW in Alpine White is undeniably cool, though I am happy to see a sprinkling of color where appropriate—the Lime Rock E92 M3, Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3, and the Imola Red clown shoe are really nice compliments to his center stack of white.

Both the child and adult-ish versions of me are smiling from ear to ear looking at this garage, especially as an avid BMW fan. If you had three lifts, which six cars would you put in your garage?