Future Classic Joins the IND Family

Fall-Line Motorsports and Future Classic join IND Distribution’s selective Family of Brands. "True to IND Distribution’s long-standing credo to curate the highest quality and most innovative components, we are proud to welcome these two new Chicago-based brands to our family," says IND. "Both Fall-Line and Future Classic exude excellence and help add unique elements to our core brands. As a collective, our family of brands—of which we hold exclusive distribution—now represent a fantastically well-rounded product offering to our discerning clientele."

We at Future Classic are immensely honored to be a part of IND's Family of Brands. We’ve entrusted IND to help us modify pretty much every BMW we have owned, so working with them on a higher level is a dream. As a young company that has experienced meteoric growth for both our design / lifestyle goods and our burgeoning component manufacturing arm, it is an enormous help to have the backing of IND's distribution capabilities—we will grow from both the crucially important wholesale side as well as retail.

Our first product of 2022: Billet aluminum oil filter housing caps for various BMW models

Our ever-popular wheel spacers x wheel hanger pin set

Future Classic M14 Titanium Stud Conversion on an F87 M2 Competition

What started it all: bespoke club sticker clings for Porsche and BMW

It will allow us to focus on more crucial growth areas (like streamlining our manufacturing process and new product testing) while IND's support will bolster order fulfillment and product awareness amongst their vast dealer network. The freedom has immediately paid dividends: we have gone to market on our newest part, our billet oil filter housing caps, and have begun the first phases of new Porsche spacers sizing for air-cooled and water-cooled cars alike.

Test fitting a 3D printed prototype design spacer for air-cooled Porsches

An enormous ramp up in production is in store, including new equipment

All that said, we are also excited for new opportunities to complement IND's current product catalog and collaborate directly with their staff to create exciting new products, both for new BMW platforms and those that we have adored for ages.