FINALLY! Project 997 Update: GT3 Facelift

Future Classic Porsche 997.2 C2S Stock Bumper

Truthfully, it's been about a year since I bought a 997.2 GT3 OEM bumper off of Rennlist. It was one of those moments where you wrestle with yourself whether you actually need it or not (the answer was no), but the prospect of creating a pseudo GT3-ish Touring was a temptation I couldn't ignore.

A few days later the bumper arrived and there it sat, staring at me impatiently for months as the necessary parts it'd need to retrofit properly slowly joined it in judgmental glares. It's the parts list that ultimately delayed the project to be honest—I had no idea there would be so much more required than buying the bumper.

Future Classic Porsche 997.2 C2S Bumper Off

I kept trying to tell myself to "do it once and do it right" so as much as it was painful to the pocketbook, the parts kept coming along. It seemed an opportune time to fit a third radiator and I had a really cool opportunity from Fall-Line Motorsport to retrofit the GT3 Cup radiator instead of the more conventional PDK Carrera version. This would allow me to make full use of the GT3 upper duct flow pattern instead of a downward exit. Coincidentally I had bought a GT3 Cup lip to fit instead of the "regular" GT3 version.

Future Classic Porsche 997.2 GT3 Cup Radiator Fitting

Future Classic Porsche 997.2 GT3 Grille Inserts

Future Classic Porsche 997.2 C2S GT3 Bumper Installation

Of course being a C2S, not everything went on without a hitch. Lots of scratching, both head and chin variants were utilized (along with a generous helping of furrowed brows and deep sighs), but eventually everything went on swimmingly and I could look back and see how much of a difference it really made.

Future Classic Porsche 997.2 C2S - GT3 Bumper Retrofit

Future Classic Porsche 997.2 C2S - GT3 Bumper Retrofit

To be honest, I wasn't too sure how much of an aesthetic difference it'd really make, but I was wrong. The car takes on a much more menacing, sporting character that I absolutely love. Appropriately so, the car is a good bit lower thanks to the Cup lip, but as Porsche GT lips go, I'm thankful they are a cool $200 and made from polyurethane.

Huge thanks to Fall-Line Motorsports for their continued hard work on the project. The bumper would've still been sitting unpainted with a bunch of parts for another year without your help! Check out the BTS video below: