Crafted by Culture: Introducing Our Moto-Inspired Leather Strap for Apple Watch


Crafted by Culture. Just as much as we adore the petrol-driven machines of old, Future Classic is also about embracing both where we are and where we are going. Much like the crossroad we face in the automotive world going from petrol to electric, the timepiece is also transitioning. For many people, the watch is moving from a standalone luxury product into a multi-functional, multimedia device. It cannot be understated how the Apple Watch has homogenized the wrist accessory for the masses—the universal shape is unmistakable—but in doing so, the "specialness" of wearing one has certainly fallen by the wayside. As such, we believe there now exists a greater opportunity to individualize the strap for the people behind them.

Of course, we aren't alone in this pursuit. There has been countless other companies who have beat us to the punch here, but frankly, that's been the case with most of our product catalog. What Future Classic does best (and certainly what has set us apart), is apply our own recipe to the status quo and raise the bar a few notches.

Winning Material: Sourcing the Best Ingredients

We applied that very same philosophy to our first Apple Watch strap. Cut and sewn by hand in the USA, our design atelier is proud to design a leather watch strap that echoes our own commitment to craftsmanship, detail, and crucially—style. In doing so, we have sourced only the finest components to start: Italian and French leather, premium Fil Au Chinois linen thread for durability, and stainless hardware.

The Design: Unique in All the Right Ways

With the right ingredients sorted, we took to penning a design that would resonate with our culture. As in the car world, the sum of the modifications creates the greater overall effect—it's often the subtle intangibles that distinguish a perfectly executed vision versus another with a similar mod list. The same applies here: the biggest visual cue we adamantly wanted to showcase were the handsome ridged shoulders on each band. This signature ribbing pays tribute to motorcycle jacket padding and gives us that "Moto" feel. 

Enter the aforementioned intangibles. In order to execute the ribbing properly, a thinner hide needed to be sourced. Doing so allowed each ridge to have very distinct and pronounced proportions. The visual effect of that ribbing is multiplied thanks to a subtle, but impactful taper from 25mm (at the adapter) to 22mm (at the buckle). The taper, by happy consequence, also makes the strap an incredibly comfortable wear.

While many other manufactures will devote 100% of their energy to the exterior of the strap, we have also turned our attention inside to ensure a pleasurable wear. The black leather has been meticulously shaved down where it meets the tan liner to ensure a smooth transition and thereby eliminate any potential discomfort points. We've gone so far as to also ensure the liner material is hypoallergenic to mesh well with even the most sensitive wearers.

Our two-tone color scheme has also led us to consider one last important detail. The straps' edging has been painstakingly hand-painted and sanded four times over to ensure not only complete coverage, but an unrivaled finish.

Customizations: Have it Your Way

In true Future Classic fashion, each strap is also customizable—the strap's accent stitch (Imola Red by default) can be changed. Fittingly enough, each of the accent stitch colors at launch will correspond with popular BMW hues. Custom colors are also available by request.

We'd be missing the mark if we also didn't consider hardware customization. We are proud to offer an array of adapter sets and buckles to suit your current watch and personal preference. As a perfect and luxurious finishing touch, the FC logo is proudly debossed on the interior lining.

As a product predicated on luxury and customization, each Future Classic Moto strap set is made to order with a 4-6 week lead time. In order to suit our aforementioned 25mm to 22mm taper, this strap set is exclusively compatible with the larger size in each series of Apple Watch models: 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm on the Series 7.

To order yours and consider our available options, please visit our product page. For additional customization requests or inquiries, please e-mail us at

Product Details:

  • Fits all large sized Apple models Series 1-7 (42mm, 44mm, and 45mm)
  • Luxury Italian and French leather with hypoallergenic lining
  • Premium linen thread throughout
  • Bespoke, moto-inspired ridged design
  • Tapered strap for maximum comfort
  • Proudly made to order in USA: 4-6 week lead time


  • Strap accent color (Please contact for custom colors)
  • Hardware sets: Polished Stainless, Matte Stainless, Space Grey, and Black PVD

Hardware Set Configurations:

  • Polished Stainless: Polished Silver adapter set and Polished Silver buckle
  • Matte Stainless: Polished Silver adapter set and Matte Silver buckle
  • Space Grey: Space Grey adapter set and Black PVD buckle
  • Black PVD: Black PVD adapter set and Black PVD buckle