Chris Harris: The Honest Take on Modern BMWs

Chris Harris has become one of the most respected automotive journalists in the modern era, filling that aching void from the outgoing Top Gear trio in a way that only a true driving enthusiast can.

One thing that I really respect about Chris is that he's never been shy to tell it how it is. His distaste in this ever-popular micro SUV segment? Unquestioned. His affinity toward pure sports cars regardless of moniker? Undeniable.

Indeed Chris is a man after our own petrol-brimming hearts. It comes as no surprise then that he is a proud owner of several BMWs (amongst a slew of other incredible Porsches and other machines), including an E34 M5 Touring, E28 M5, and a 1M. So we were all ears when he decided to give us that familiar honest take on the Bavaria's current lineup, most notably the all-new F92 M8.