Chris Harris Goes to Work: The Porsche 911 GT3

"This is what driving is all about."

Unlike most Chris Harris videos that just see him spanking a new car on the track straight away, the 992 GT3 clip is just short of 20 minutes, but for good reason.

The car was given to Harris with a scant 15 miles, which means it needed break it miles before the aforementioned flogging. You can consider the first half of the video foreplay—Chris spends a great deal of time exploring the nuances of the new GT while making road-going commentary amidst a pit stop to Tuthill Porsche.

I'm loving the fact that he wanted to do this—to put a boat load of miles on a Porsche and form a real bond with the car. I wouldn't have known it unless I'd just done a 1,600 mile road trip myself, but spending extended periods of time behind the wheel allows you to really think about whether or not you're in love with your car. Sure, a good run to redline can do that, but I would argue that a run to redline in most enthusiast cars should induce some smiles. But I'd equate the enduro drives as the real test—the time in a relationship after the honeymoon stage.

Yes, this car review "thing" is Chris Harris's job. But you can sense the joy behind the business and none of the new GT3's magic has been spoiled by logging 1,000 break-in miles.

It's going to be wild to see these cars in the flesh. Porsche is one of those marques that has you wondering "how are they going to make this any better?" But they do. Every time.