Chip Foose Redesigns the BMW G80 M3

Infamous designer Chip Foose recently tried his hand at a front-end overhaul of the upcoming G8X M3 / M4. It's been a popular exercise for artists and aftermarket companies all over the world since the overall design has been met with some controversy (to say the least).

Chip Foose G8X M3 / M4 RedesignChip does not look happy.

His treatment echoes a lot of other internet attempts thus far—an effort to temper the extreme front grille and desperately cling to some sort of visual lineage by tweaking the qualms he has with the rest of the fascia.

"To me [the M3] was always a sophisticated design...the front does not look like an M3."

He makes some very clear criticisms of BMW's new design language. Chip was always a fan of the German marque's desire to do something different, but believes that this new M3 / M4 simply follows a trend rather than standing apart. Foose makes a very clear message to BMW for the future: "Don't forget who you are."

While it's inevitable that the automotive world pivots into a new era of automotive design based around technology and consumer need, it has us worried that the passionate exercise that automotive design represents will fall by the wayside. BMW aside, it's increasingly difficult to wholeheartedly love a brand new production car from every angle. Maybe we are going through an awkward teen phase of design right now, but hopefully that pubescent period is short lived.

All of that said, we are still excited to see how this new car drives. We may be able to forgive the looks if it's an absolute hoot to wring to redline. As they say, it's what's inside that counts.