Changing the Game: M14 Motorsport Hub Retrofit for E9X M3 / E82 1M

A "win-win" situation or result is one that is good for everyone who is involved, but such an occasion is rare, especially in the automotive world. Our newest release is one that breaks that mold—offering E9X M3 owners the opportunity to ditch their flimsy M12x1.5 hardware in favor of the more robust M14x1.25 solution—all in a convenient, plug and play package.

Indeed, the OE M12 hardware has always been a strange weak point on the E9X M3 / 1M. We've seen several (and heard about plenty more) who have broken M12 studs on track—an incredibly deflating scenario that instills doubt in your machinery where there should only be confidence.

Future Classic M14 Front Hub Pairing

In addition to this, there is a signifiant weight loss in the process: 2.6lbs of rotational mass is shaved from the car, netting an equivalent ~31lbs of sprung weight loss.

Front hub weight and visual comparison

Visual / Weight Comparison: OE E9X Front Hub Assembly (Left) vs FC M14 Front Hub Assembly (Right)

Factory E9X M3 hubs and bearings removed for the M14 retrofit

But the true "win-win" comes from the cost of the kit. To simply replace the factory E9X M3 hubs / bearings for maintenance reasons, you're a couple Starbucks runs away from buying this kit...and would still need to assemble and moly-coat the OEM parts to truly compare apples to apples.

Factory E9X M3 worn and rusty hub

Before: Rusty and worn OE E9X M3 rear hub

Future Classic M14 hub test fit

During: Future Classic M14 Hub Fitted with Fresh Hardware

Future Classic M14 Motorsport Hub Retrofit - Rear Axle + 75mm Stud

After: Future Classic M14 Moly-Coated Hub + 75mm Steel Race Stud

Future Classic M14 75mm Race Stud

OE (and some aftermarket rotor hats outside of Brembo) simply need to be drilled out once to accommodate the larger M14 hardware.

Drilling out Alcon rotor hats for M14 hardware

Countersinking Alcon rotor hat for M14 retrofit

Going the extra mile to countersink each new M14 provision

Finished: Future Classic M14 Hub Retrofit Kit Installed

The first kits will be available starting May 10, 2019 and we couldn't be more excited to bring a brand new upgrade to the iconic E9X M3 and E82 1M platforms! As aforementioned, and in true FC fashion, each Future Classic M14 motorsport hub kit will come pre-assembled, include all-new hardware, Copaslip anti-seize for installation, and the necessary drill bit for your existing rotor setup.

Get yours here.