BREAKING: Future Classic has acquired FFGarage

One of our most popular products to date has been ultra high-end CNC machined license plate frames—we fell in love with the drop-sink holes for hardware and the beautiful machining work and felt very fortunate to bring them to a wider audience worldwide. We could take pride in their "Made in USA" stamp and stand behind a consistent quality of excellence—a value set that we hold dear within our walls as well.

As luck would have it, we were presented with the opportunity to fully acquire FFGarage and bring these coveted license plate frames underneath our Future Classic moniker officially. After a few weeks of consideration, we are proud to announce that we have made that acquisition permanent.

Future Classic Aluminum Plate Frame + Hardware Kit

As we bring another product underneath the FC umbrella, we wanted to ensure we would be able to maintain the quality that our FC family have grown to expect while also keeping pace with production. With this procurement, we also wanted to bring something new to the table—our aluminum license plate frames can now be paint matched to your car courtesy of IND. This, coupled with our addition to include black anodized hardware, makes us confident to assert that it will be the very last plate frame you'll ever need to buy.

Get yours here and thank you to our growing worldwide family for the continued support!