BOOM TUNE E90 M3 - A Spencer Berke Feature

Spencer has been on a tear lately seeking out some of the most unique E90 M3 builds in California and getting them on film. This time he met up with Brady, who just happens to be part of the FC family also! We did a pretty special club sticker for not too long ago—since his car is wrapped, we did a call out for the wrap color and corresponding code—and finished it off with a shout to SSR Performance at the bottom. The logo was a really nice touch that makes his club sticker that much more unique.

Bizarre Brady Future Classic E90 M3 Club Sticker

It was cool to see Spencer do his thing and highlight all the unique mods on Brady's E90, but what really stole the show was the sheer VOLUME of his car. It's always been supremely difficult to capture sound accurately for YouTube, but watching the vid, you know the car is menacingly loud.

Screen Grab: Spencer Berke E90 M3 - Bizarre Brady

Bizarre Brady E90 M3 Rear Shot - Spencer Berke

Bizarre Brady E90 M3 Future Classic Club Sticker - Spencer Berke

Props to Spencer for mixing it up with the local BMW community and getting some face time with the enthusiasts behind the cars. Now if only I could get my E90 out to California to do some canyon runs with you guys!