BMW Concept 4 Reimagined

BMW Concept 4

What can we say that hasn't been said already? BMW tried to bring out the big guns at the Frankfurt Auto Show with their new Concept 4 it's ugly. BMW designers have defended it by saying they were inspired by iconic models such as the 328 and 3.0 CSi but, I'm having a pretty hard time seeing the resemblance. Here's a photos of an E9 3.0 CSi for reference:

Stanceworks E9 3.0 CSi

Image via Stanceworks

Beyond the Concept 4's face, the car doesn't even remotely improve. It looks like someone traced an Infiniti Q60 and then took the rest of the day off. The whole design is uninspired and unoriginal, a mish-mash of mimicked style like a 2am half-assed caricature of someone's Pinterest page. It's so bad that there's likely an equal amount of articles about Photoshop fixes (like CarThrottle) as there are debut reports from the show. At any rate, we decided to take a stab at fixing the Concept 4's face in our own way:

Future Classic BMW Concept 4 Render HRE Wheels FF10

And here it is. We reworked the front fascia by integrating 8-Series front grilles (which ironically look small now). A M8-inspired front lip was also grafted to the front to give it more presence. The center of the bumper, now devoid of a giant grille, was reshaped to recoup some air intake volume and is divided by a chrome styling element which does two things: ties in some visual continuity with the black side inlet dividers / front grille and adds some styling to distinguish the 4 uniquely from the rest of the BMW product line—something that BMW had aimed to do with the giant grille.

Beyond that, the entire car has been lowered. A set of side skirts have been fitted to flow with the new front lip; a carbon fiber roof, small trunk spoiler, and HRE's new FF10 Flowform wheels have also been added as well to complete the aesthetic facelift.

Here are a handful of other iterations in different colors and different wheels from BBS and Rotiform to give you a bit more inspiration:

Future Classic Concept 4 Render - BBS RE-V WheelsFuture Classic Concept 4 Render - BBS RE-V Wheels

Future Classic Concept 4 Render - HRE P111SCFuture Classic Concept 4 Render - HRE P111SC

Future Classic Concept 4 Render - HRE R101LWFuture Classic Concept 4 Render - HRE R101LW

Future Classic Concept 4 Render - Rotiform BM1Future Classic Concept 4 Render - Rotiform BM1

Future Classic Concept 4 Render - Grey

Future Classic Concept 4 Render - Blue

What do you all think about the rework? Would you consider adding a 4 to your garage if it looked like this? You can check out the rest of the photoshops here. Have a wheel request? E-mail us at and we'll get them fitted!