A Nail-Biter for the Ages: Mansell vs Senna - Monaco 1992

With the recent announcement that the 2020 Monaco Grand Prix will no longer run due to mounting COVID-19 concerns, we figured it was a good a time as any to look back at some of the best Monaco moments in Formula 1 history.

Formula 1 2021 Prototype

Formula 1 2021 Prototype

The inevitable delay to start the 2020 season has also reset the clock on the long-anticipated 2021 rule overhaul—the most notable of which were designed to bring back more wheel-to-wheel racing action. Although DRS has managed to help make F1 more exciting over the last handful of years, it's still a far cry from some of the nail biting action we saw in the 90s.

Senna vs Mansell - Formula 1, 1992

1992 Monaco Grand Prix: Aryton Senna (front) vs Nigel Mansell (back)

Case in point: the 1992 Monaco GP starring Aryton Senna and Nigel Mansell—two drivers at the peak of their game from two iconic Formula 1 manufacturers. Indeed, both drivers (and cars) have cemented themselves in racing legacy, though looking at the William's form here has me aching for a good result in today's car. I'll let the video do the talking here in all of its 4:3 glory, but if there's one consolation from all of this Corona virus drama it's that we'll be able to see a lot more classic motorsport moments get some well-deserved airtime before the lights go out in 2020.