A Beautiful Look at Modern IndyCar Through a Vintage Super 8

Despite all the technological advancements in the camera world, there's becoming something cold about it at times, disconnected. In a lot of ways, this movement resembles the advancements in the automotive world—cars are faster and tech helps even novice drivers drive beyond their limit more easily; cameras are doing much of the same with auto focus, stabilization, and more.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with has, since the dawn of time, helped people advance in a multitude of ways. More people are creating content now in the same way that more people are driving (and racing). But there's simply something romantically tactile and connected while operating vintage equipment, whether car or camera.

Nick Shirrell IndyCar Vintage Super 8 Video Screen Grab

I was sent this IndyCar race filmed by Nick Shirrell. Armed with a 1968 Canon 1218 Super 8 with Kodak 50D and Kodak 200T film stock, he made his way around iconic Road America race track and shot perhaps one of the most beautiful videos I've seen in a long time (the old timey voiceover is a really nice touch too).

Nick Shirrell IndyCar Vintage Super 8 Video Screen Grab

Maybe it's the history of RA, maybe it's the sharp contrast between the modernity and vintage worlds. I think those things help, but I think more than anything it's a really beautiful reminder that although objectively new is "better" than old, creating, observing, and translating emotion into form knows no age.

It's why vintage racing has a place in this world and why the people who cherish, restore, modify, and—maybe most importantly—share their passion for cars with the younger generation have a special place in my heart.