Dundon Motorsports 997 GT3 Dual Cone Carbon Airbox
Dundon Motorsports 997 Carbon Airbox Slimline Fan

Dundon Motorsports - 997 GT3/RS Dual Cone Single Opening Carbon Airbox

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Free up power and add beauty to your engine bay with the Dundon Motorsports Carbon Airbox. The design is heavily based on the fabled 997 4.0L GT3RS—so much so that it utilizes the dual conical air filters from the 4.0RS. In order for you to keep your stock decklid, a balance pipe in the bottom area of the airbox was created to allow air to flow to both filters equally.

A slimline fan is also available as an add-on option. Alone, this mod adds 5-7 proven whp and in combination with the Dundon race header, nets 8-10 whp.

Product Details

  • Compatible with 997.1 GT3/RS and 997.2 GT3
  • Full carbon construction
  • Dual cone design with single opening (base)
  • Proven 5-7whp gain
  • Slimline fan also available (recommended)